Sunday, June 3, 2012

4 quick and dirty tips to conquer Twitter

Just started using Twitter but not sure how this thing works? 

Let me help. I just started using my Twitter account seriously a few months ago, and I've been seeing explosive engagement! I'm fortunate to have met a lot of cool people, as well as learned a lot in the process.

Here are 4 quick and dirty tips to get a lot out of Twitter quickly:

1. Choose your retweets wisely

Post a blend of content: 30% should be retweets of posts (make sure you know what the posts say, and that you agree with them. RTs are a public part of your personal brand!) 

2. Don't be a robot

Your tweets should be 30% direct conversations and comments with other people. This shows you're not robo-tweeting. I know, I know, 30% is high, but you're more likely to connect with people initially if you do this. Try to only follow people who connect with you personally.

3. Don't a be a nerd either

40% of your posts should be original comments and links to original stuff you've made, on a blog for example. Try to have a main focus to show you're driven, and some other side interests to show that you're not a nerd.

4. Be an icon

Tons of people have their photo for their personal profile. How many do you know have a personal icon? In my opinion, icons stand out better and get you noticed when your picture might be lost. It also shows you have special initiative.

You can always tweak the above advice depending on how many followers you have and your goals, but these tips will help you quickly stand out from the competition.

I'm at I'm open to all follows, but I only follow back people who directly engage with me.

Do you agree with the above tips, or do you have different strategies? What do you think DOESN'T work? Sound off in the comments below!

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